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~ The EGL Boutique ~

Posted on 2006.08.20 at 22:45
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Popular brand-name EGL clothing for sale at bargain prices.


Lastest Additions: 20/8/06
- BTSSB Black x White JSK

Current Boutique:

Newly listed BTSSB JSK!!

GENERAL INFORMATION - Shipping, Payment etc

The following applies to all clothes sold here (unless otherwise specified) :

POSTAGE: $16 USD Registered/Insured Airmail anywhere in the world. If you are in Sydney Australia, pickup can be arranged or postage can be Express. Combined postage available. Please email me here: tenniyo@hotmail.com with everything you want and I will give you a combined postage estimate =)

Don't forget to see if you want to combine my:

Kawaii items : http://megamicouture.livejournal.com/535.html#cutid1
FRUITY Clothes: http://megamicouture.livejournal.com/1445.html#cutid1

PAYMENT: I accept Paypal (please add 4% to total if it is linked to a credit card due to paypal fees). If you are in Australia, you can pay via Direct Deposit.

If you are interested or have any questions or suggestions, i'll be more than happy to answer them!!. Please email me at tenniyo@hotmail.com or comment in here!! ^_^

Hope to hear from you guys soon! =)

Note: I will only hold items for maximum 5 days. Thank you. =)



HeartE Strawberry Lolita Top

Cute Authentic Heart E Casual Lolita Top with a Strawberry center! Made in JAPAN. Yummy! hehe Goes well with everything!! Only worn once it is in great condition! =) The body is cream colour and the puffy sleeves are mega cute!! ^_~ Comes with a red heart spare button for the collar!! (see photo)

SIZE: M Amateur measurements 42cm Across (unstretched) and 47 cm Long for the body. Made of stretchy soft cotton material.


Peace Now Gothic SpiderWeb Skirt

Beautiful Authentic PEACE NOW Skirt with spider web print! Made in JAPAN. Perfect for that goth look. Lovely with fish net stockings!! =) Dark colour goes well with everything!!!!
SIZE: S 24" - 25" waist. 51cm long.(Corner length vary due to sexy design! ehehe)


SOLD Gorgeous authentic H.Naoto FRILL top with glittery gold CROWNS and butterfly prints all over! SOLD

There are 2 ribbons on the side so you can tie a bow behind your back! The collar and sleeves are lined with quality lace.
It's a very sexy top, depending on how you wear it, it can show your belly. The low cut design means u can wear a nice big necklace , punk or lolita style! Goes with absolutely anything. It is very rare to find a lolita top that is sexy but at the same time cute! heh
When i bought this top it was suppose to come with a collar but the collar never arrived to me (there are 2 ribbons on the inside to tie it, perhaps you can use that to tie another collar you have to it or make your own cute lolita one! ^_^ ) =( Nevertheless the top still looks fabulous without one!! hehe

SIZE: S-M Made of STRETCHY material. Amateur measurements, 37cms Across the chest(unstretched) and 41cm long (it is a short sexy top ^_~ ).



Absolutely beautiful authentic BPN velour lolita skirt. This skirt will go perfectly with those cute lolita blouses you have!! It also has a very soft and silky black underlining. Made in JAPAN and in MINT condition.
SIZE: S (although it says medium on the label the waist is quite small for me) Waist: Approx 63cm-64cms (or around 25inch waist), 51cm long.



Touched (Anonymous) @ 2006-02-27 12:38 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Hello ^.^
I would be very interested by your skirt, as a BPN addict, could you e-mail me at zenou_chou@hotmail.com to talk about it ? Please ^.^
Thanks a lot !
Touched cannibal_kiryu @ 2006-03-01 20:55 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
its so pretty
Touched sweet_paradox @ 2006-03-02 19:51 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
if the first girl doesnt want it you KNOW who does!!
Let This Decadence Take It's Grasp ~
Touched sadistickiss @ 2006-03-04 04:28 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Hi! I'm interested in that Putumayo top if you haven't been contacted about it already. My e-mail is peppermintgold@hotmail.com
Touched nandi_ @ 2006-03-04 17:41 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
With the H.naoto top, is the length too short to be able to cover your stomach? Because i have 38D top and a 29" waist, so i was wondering if it would hang off and not cover anything up ^^;;;

Sorry for the weird question, thankyou <3
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-05 00:23 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Hi nandi,
It's okay. It's not a weird question =)
The shirt is quite short (it was designed to be that way, for me, you can see a little bit of my stomach at the bottom but if i pull the top down a little, it can cover.). It really depends on how you want it to look =)

Touched blackboggart @ 2006-03-06 11:52 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Hello--I'm extremely interested in the black and red buckled shirt. I really really want it, but I'd have to wait around 3 days for the funds to transfer to my paypal account. Is that okay?

Also, I live in Canberra, so if you don't mind putting the item on hold, postage shouldn't be too much.
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-06 12:15 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Thanks for your reply! =)

I can put it on hold for you.

BTW, did you want to direct transfer? it's cheaper that way and faster for both of us. ^_^ paypal has those stupid fees ><

Send me an email so i can email you back with my bank details =)
Hope to hear from you soon. =)
Touched nerorizim @ 2006-03-18 05:13 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
did those first two girls get the bpn skirt? if not, i'm interested.
Touched nerorizim @ 2006-03-18 05:14 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
also, is this an auction?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-18 05:38 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Nope it isn't an auction, it's a direct sale =)

The above 2 girls haven't gotten back to me, so it is still available.

Send me an email here so we can discuss.^_~ tenniyo@hotmail.com

Many Thanks =)
Touched onepapercrane @ 2006-03-18 07:26 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Do you still have the BPN skirt?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-18 12:52 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Unfortunately it was snapped up real quick ><
But i emailed ya =)
Touched sasword @ 2006-03-18 08:17 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
I need to check my funds, but could I get back to you on the frill top if no one else has claimed it yet?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-18 12:54 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Sure =)

Email me when u're ready =)

Thankies! ^_~
Touched _bunnyofdoom_ @ 2006-03-20 12:27 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
how much is shipping on the peace now spider web skirt to the uk?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-20 22:42 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
$16 flat rate for INSURED/registered post to most places in the world =)
Let me know your decision ^_~ It's a lovely skirt. It retails for a lot more than $45 >
Touched _bunnyofdoom_ @ 2006-03-21 00:16 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
could i possibly see a pic of it on? i can't quite see the shape of it.
Lauren Goodnight
Touched good_night @ 2006-03-25 03:41 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
I would LOVE the H. Frill top. If I were to make a down payment, how long could you hold it?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-25 03:58 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your interest =) The top is beautiful!!
Email me at tenniyo@hotmail.com
and we can work something out! ^_~

Many thanks
Touched ex_hachimit @ 2006-04-03 08:07 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Hi, could you hold the Heart E strawberry top for me? I won't have the money for it until Wednesday, and I'd prefer not to spend any more money I don't have *is on a spending spree* ^^;;
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-04-03 09:00 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
sure thing =)
It is being held for you =)

Email me at tenniyo@hotmail.com
When u're ready on Wednesday =)
Touched robin_elizabeth @ 2006-04-26 22:50 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Hi, if its not sold yet then i really really really want the BPN skirt. Is it the same price as you had told me earlier, if so then I have the money.
(you can email me if you want at polarisreborn13@aol.com)
thankyou, Robin
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