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Posted on 2006.03.27 at 21:58
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Cheap bargains for cutesy items from Japan!!

Last Updated: 27/3/05

- Imitation Hysteric Mini Wallet (very cute!!!!)
- Japanese Winnie the Pooh Lettersets added!!!
- Rare Fruits Accessory Pack - Hysteric, SLY and more!!

Best purchased with clothing to take advantage of combined shipping! ^_^
For all the items below:

Shipping: Approx  $3.50 USD for Airmail (registered/insured will cost more. Please contact me for exact costs once you have decided ^_^ ). COMBINED SHIPPING available.  These items are best purchased with clothing as I can just slip it into the package! =)

I accept paypal  (Please add 4 % more to the total cost if your Paypal account is linked to your Credit Card due to silly Paypal fees ><, otherwise ignore this comment. hehe ) and for those in Australia, Direct Deposit is also available.

Feel free to contact me at tenniyo@hotmail.com if you have any questions or comments.


Hysteric Mini Wallet!!!

Pretty much brand new. It was never used!!! =) Lots of compartments and mega cute!! The photos speak for themselves!! Price: Only $14 USD

Winnie the Pooh Lettersets from JAPAN. They are beautiful and glossy!! Price: $4 USD for BOTH

Authentic Japanese lettersets with quite a number of envelopes and pages!! Price: $6.50 USD for BOTH

Made in Japanese Tweety Flip Phone cover Brand New!! Price: $2 USD


Japanese doll keychain. She's quite tall and BRAND NEW!!!! hehe  Price:  $3 USD

Cute Japanese standing racoon BRAND NEW!. Price: $2 USD

Japanese authentic Thunderbirds phone accessories BRAND NEW. PRICE: $3 for BOTH

GRAB THIS NOW!! Rare FrUiTS accessory pack!!

Contains all the Biggest fruits brand. Includes the following:

- Authentic Hysteric Glamour beauty kit with tatoos and a nail filer (it's totally unopened).
- Hysteric Glamour clear file (unopened)
- Sweet x SLY mad purple singlet top (never worn, only opened for photo purposes) Free Size.
- Another Edition Makeup Compact Mirror (clear film has not even been removed!!).
- Princess Tina plastic zip bag (in its original packing and unopened).

More to come later! ^_~


Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness
Touched candiedapples @ 2006-03-25 03:41 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
HI! I might be possibly interested in the accessory pack! I could pay by credit card paypal. Do you hold items, and if so, how long? Here is my email: last.secret.garden at gmail.com

(and I'll look at your other items too)
Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness
Touched candiedapples @ 2006-03-25 03:45 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Ok, if I decided to buy this with your Angelblue top, what would the total come to?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-25 04:05 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
i emailed you =)
Iris Chen
Touched quoththeraven @ 2006-03-27 08:55 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
i may be interested in the fruitsy grab lot--
Touched copellia @ 2006-03-27 12:12 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Interested in the lettersets/stationary. Do you ship worldwide, and if so, do you know how much it would cost for the shipping (UK)?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-27 22:38 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Thank you for your interest however, my emails to you doesn't seem to get through (it gets bounced back by mailerdaemon) ><
Do you want to email me at tenniyo@hotmail.com ? =)
Look forward to hearing from you. Thanksss!!!
Aubrey Starr
Touched setzer024 @ 2006-03-27 19:12 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
I would like the mah jong strap please

~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-27 22:36 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
emailed =)
Touched felled_grace @ 2006-06-07 09:53 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)


that little guy is too cute ^.^ he is a cell phone charm right? if so i want him. oh, the pictures for the wallet arent working T-T i may want that as well.

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