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~ Fruity Fashion ~

Posted on 2006.03.27 at 22:10
~ Feeling ~: cheerfulcheerful

Contains all my fruitsy clothes plus miscellaneous EGL fashions! =) Check it out!!


Lastest Additions:

- Lolita-ble Pastel Patchwork Skirt
- Pastel Pink Stiletto Top
SOLD - Angelblue Fruitsy top

Current Boutique:

- Gothic / Bondage One Piece
- Black x White Stripe top with Flames
SOLD - Lolita-ble Pastel Green Top

GENERAL INFORMATION - Shipping, Payment etc

The following applies to all clothes sold here (unless otherwise specified) :

POSTAGE: $16 USD Registered/Insured Airmail anywhere in the world. If you are in Sydney Australia, pickup can be arranged or postage can be Express. Combined postage available. Please email me here: tenniyo@hotmail.com with everything you want and I will give you a combined postage estimate =)

Don't forget to see if you want to combine my small Kawaii items : http://megamicouture.livejournal.com/535.html#cutid1

PAYMENT: I accept Paypal (please add 4% to total if it is linked to a credit card due to paypal fees). If you are in Australia, you can pay via Direct Deposit.

If you are interested or have any questions or suggestions, i'll be more than happy to answer them!!. Please email me at tenniyo@hotmail.com or comment in here!! ^_^

Hope to hear from you guys soon! =)

Note: I will only hold items for maximum 5 days. Thank you. =)

FOR THE TOPS IN THIS SECTION: i am willing to give a discount if you buy several items at once! ^_^ So email me about it.

* NEW * Pink Stiletto top

Comfy cotten material. Loose fitting so you can wear it off the shoulder, any way you like! =) I never had a chance to wear it, so it's brand new!! =) In a soft pastel pink colour!! So cute!

SIZE: M Amateur measurements 42cm across and 61cm long.


* NEW * Lolita-ble Patchwork Skirt

Bought this a while ago and never had a chance to wear it. It's totally cute and the colours are wonderful!! The lace trim at the bottom gives it the loli touch! ^_~

SIZE: M Amateur measurements, ELASTIC WAIST can stretch up to a 36 inch waist (i'm around 26 inch), 63cm long.


* NEW * Gothic Black One Piece Top/Dress

Only worn this once. This very stylish and sexy top/dress can be worn 2 ways. I matched it with jeans in the photos but if you're daring you can wear it as a dress =) hehe Looks great with boots and chokers and chains!! It has a zip up back =)

SIZE: M Amateur measurements 39cm across and 84cm long. VERY STRETCHY!!!


Black x White Stripe Flame Top

Lovely styled fruits top that has 2 slits on each shoulder. =) Goes with everything!!!

SIZE: S-M Made of STRETCHY material. Amateur measurements, 37cms Across the chest(unstretched) and 51cm long.



Touched visual_trap @ 2006-03-03 22:16 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
Babydoll top in pastel green. Can be easily turned into a loli top!! So pretty...
SIZE: M Amateur measurements 44cm across and 58cm long. VERY STRETCHY.

This is so cute! How much would this cost inc. shipping to Australia?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-03 22:47 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Pastel Green Babydoll top

Hi visual trap! =)
It will be $22 USD for Express Shipping within Australia.
You can also pay via direct deposit =)

~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-03 22:49 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

PS. Combined shipping is available. In this case, it'll be $7USD even if you buy 2/3 tops =)
Send me an email once u've decided =)
Thankies ^_^
Touched visual_trap @ 2006-03-04 02:25 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

Hi, thanks for replying to me so quickly XD
You live in Australia too right? Can I pay in AUD cash then? Or the AUD equivalent? Saves me from going to the bank to convert ><
& do you hold? I'm waiting on my pay at the moment but I will e-mail you as soon as I get it :)
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-04 13:15 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

Yup i'm in Sydney Australia =) u?
Sure, use www.xe.com to convert the currency =)
Of course i hold, if you are definate about purchasing =)
Email me at tenniyo@hotmail.com with you address and stuff so i can send it through asap once you get your pay =) ^_^
Touched visual_trap @ 2006-03-06 09:02 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

I'm from Adelaide, one city over! XD
I converted $22 USD = $30 AUD
That's for express shipping right?
Oh and yep I'm definate on purchasing the top, its just too cute to let it pass XD
Can I send you concealed cash though when my pay comes in? Thanks for holding it for me. :)
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-06 10:07 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

You can also direct deposit through commonwealth bank . That might be the best option because it's instant and i can send it asap=)
However, if not, cash or money order is fine =)
Let me know =)
Thankies =)
Touched visual_trap @ 2006-03-07 09:26 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

Ooh okies lol, I'll probably do direct deposit if I get the pay in my bank, but if I get cash before that I'll send it to you :)

Btw, I just saw you updated! I'm also interested in this: Angelblue Fruisty Top
Will it cost more to be shipped with the Pastel Green Babydoll Top? Or will the shipping price be the same?
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-07 09:37 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

When do you get paid? =)

Shipping will be the same =) flat rate for as many items u want to order =)
And it'll be Express since you are in Australia ^_~

Did you want me to hold the angelblue top for you too?

What is your email addy?
Touched visual_trap @ 2006-03-07 12:00 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

It should be in by this week, I'm going tomorrow to check my account, if it's not in, it should be by the end of this week or latest would be next week ><

Yes please, I'm interesting in getting both, how much would that be for the two tops inc. shipping? :)

My e-mail is: anzen_pin@hotmail.com
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-09 12:42 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

^_^ Mailed ya a few days ago did you get it?
Touched visual_trap @ 2006-03-15 04:19 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

Hi just wanted to let you know I'm still interested in both the tops, only posting this comment just to let you know that I can't get online regularly anymore (parents cut the net >_O) so please bear with me, I'll e-mail you know a.s.a.p when my payment comes in, thanks ^^
Touched visual_trap @ 2006-04-29 05:10 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

Hi, really sorry for the long reply, I couldn't get online until now, but I received the 2 tops ages ago, I love them! Is there somewhere where I can leave you feedback? Thanks again! ^__^
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-04-29 15:20 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)

Re: Pastel Green Babydoll top

Hi ^_^
Not a problem, i'm very happy that you liked them! =)
You can leave feedback in the last post titled 'Past sold items'. Here is a link to it =)


Thank you soo much and keep in touch! <3
Miss Helen
Touched birdielou @ 2006-03-06 23:18 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
I *love* the patchwork skirt, and was wondering if it would fit my white girl hips(36"). My body is weird, my waist is like 27".
(I'm from Sydney and hope we can organise pick up? I met you at the last loli meetup- I was wearing the red bunny ear blouse)
~ The Boutique ~
Touched megamicouture @ 2006-03-06 23:32 (UTC) (~ Megami Couture Link ~)
hihi *waves at birdielou*
yeah i remember you and your cute outfit at the meetup! =)

I think it will fit since the elastic can go up to around 36inch or more? It's quite a cute skirt. You can easily cut it up and make modifications of your own ^_~ hehe
Pick up is fine. =) I work in the city so we can always organize a time to meet up.
Did you want anything else? ^_~

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